Soooo it has come to my attention that this community is doing the best work and so this post is not quite as necessary. Please direct your help and charity efforts to help_haiti, as they are doing a fantastic job!

Hello, everyone. It has come to my attention via several friends and a couple pokes (thank you asnowyowl!) that it might be a good time to get a list together of folks who are offering various trinkets, fics, artwork, jewelry, and services in exchange for donations towards the Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

As you may know, Haiti was struck with a 7.3 earthquake, and though details are pouring in very slowly, reports estimate the damage to be critical and severe. This community was founded to help the equal rights efforts in the US, but we are all incredibly saddened by this news for Haiti and are hopeful that we can do our part for their relief.

I'm compiling a list of wonderful fandom folks who are offering their services in exchange for donations to various charities and relief efforts. Please comment on this post if you are one of those people and would like to have your name added.

Please include: *Type of Offering, *Charity Donated To, *General Pricing or Bids (i.e. $5 per fic or Best Offer Via Bidding), and *Date Your Offer Ends as well as any other relevant information you can offer.

Thanks for all your help--as always, fandom is just such a wonderful place full of amazingly giving people.

The List

* blamebrampton is offering Four Winners (3 top bidders and 1 randomly chosen bidder) various things (including fic, concrit review of a fic or fics up to 30k, and a scene from an existing fic written along with the winner). Those who wish to bid may see this post for more information. Bidding ends: TBD

* poisoninjest is offering that ALL proceeds from jewelry sales on her website Idol Ceremony from now until Friday to be donated to Mercy Corps and/or Doctors Without Borders. See this post for more information.

* bryoneybrynn is offering 1 fic to the highest bidder. Please see this post for more information. Bidding ends Saturday at midnight.