This post will be the clearinghouse post.  If you have fics to offer please comment HERE
I will keep this updated as quickly as I can!  Check back to this post often!

User Name: snarkyscorp 
What you are offering:
 2 5,000 word fics (possibly more if there are a ton of bids)
The terms of your offer: The highest bidders win!! Just bid on my journal and get your choice slash pairing. I am very open to pairings, exluding ones with Sirius, James I, and some random lesser known characters.
When the offer expires (or # of fics): Expires Sunday, Feb 15, 2009, 11:59pm PST.
Link back to your journal with the original post for people to respond:

User Name: bryoneybrynn 
5 - 100-500 HP word drabbles at $10 AUS each, delivered in next two weeks. Any pairing, though I do slash best, especially h/d and as/s.

5 - custom icons at $10 AUS each delivered in the next two weeks. People should look at the examples listed on my LJ post to see what I can do (not fabulous but I think they're nice enough).

Link to my LJ:

User Name: nolagal 
5- 500-1000 word ficlets.  $5AUD (only a little over $3 U.S.)
1- 5,000 word fic up for auction to the highest bidder.  (starting bid $10AUD)

The request must be harry/potter other than that I will do any pairing/rating.  If you hate me but love Australia, I will even write Harry/Ginny.
I ask a month for the ficlets (probably within two weeks but who knows) and two months for the 5,000 fic, so that I can complete my fest requirements too.

Link to original post
User name: aoifene What you are offering: 1 3,000 K fic
The terms of your offer: highest bid wins fic and donates to Aussie Red Cross
When the offer expires (or # of fics): Friday, 2/13 6pm MST
Link back to your journal with the original post for people to respond:

I am also offering handmade jewelry for people who are donating $25 and $50 to the non profit orgs listed in that post.