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HP Fans for Equality

Donate for Equal Rights & Receive Prizes!

HP Fans Donating to Support Equal Rights
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Harry Potter fans uniting to support equal rights

What: hpequality is a Harry Potter fanfic fundraising community, supporting Equal Rights for ALL. The current cause for donations is to fight against California's Proposition 8, but we hope to organize future causes as well. Donate to our cause and support equal rights for everyone. As a prize for donating, you get hot HP-based fanfic from our list of amazing writers, a piece of art from our artists, or even awesome trinkets, knitted items, and other amazing prizes to be decided!! You can also just make a blanket donation in general by visiting these fine organizations:

* YesOnEquality is an organization circulating new petitions to overturn the ban on gay marriage. If you live in California and haven't already signed the petition, please do so.

* Lambda Legal: For over 35 years, Lambda Legal has been committed to taking legal action to ensure the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work. Today, they are at the forefront of the legal battles to ensure Prop 8 doesn't officially go into law.
* Marriage Equality USA: MEUSA is an equal rights organization seeking to educate and campaign for equal marriage rights around the United States. The more awareness MEUSA produces through its outreach programs the less fear people will have towards same-sex marriages around the country.

Why: California's Proposition 8 funds hatred and bigotry. By denying any consenting adult the right to marry their partner, the proponents of Prop 8 are violating the same civil rights heterosexual couples enjoy without fear every day. Not so long ago, America denied other minorities these same simple freedoms, and those of us fighting against Prop 8 are fighting against that same bigoted mindset. It is wrong to deny marriage to anyone based on gender, sexuality, race, or religion. America is about the freedom to live without oppression, and those of us fighting Prop 8 are for EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone.

When: NOW. Prop 8 recently passed in California, eliminating equality under the law. The more we can donate to help fight Prop 8, the more civil rights every single person will have in the future.

Where: Join hpequality to donate to the equal rights cause, or just to show your support. Pimping us to various communities and via LJ, DA, etc, is also greatly appreciated!

Who: Current authors offering free fics to anyone who donates are listed below in the Contributors section and will be listed on our bi-weekly Offerings Posts.

How: To write for hpequality, please visit our sign-up post and add your information as required. Please follow the form below for participation:

Offering(s) (if it is not a fic or art, please indicate a monetary value)
Quantity Item Time needed to complete (note max time is 3 months)
Kinks/clichés/things/pairings you’ll gladly write/draw:
Squicks/clichés/things/pairings you won’t touch with a ten foot pole:
Highest rating you will write/draw:(you must be 18 to write/draw R or NC-17)
Other important information about your offering

To donate towards a fic, please add hpequality to your friends list or watch us for the weekly list of giveaways!

Giveaways work as follows: a mod will post twice/week with fics and gifts for donation. Fics range from 100 - 10,000+ words and cost a donation of $1-30**. Artwork is priced at the artist's discretion. Trinkets, knitted items, and other giveaway prizes are also up to the giver to price accordingly. The giveaway list will include the author's LJ username, donation cost, word length, and highest rating they are willing to write for the fic. If you want one of the offered fics, say so in a comment to our giveaway list post. This works on a first come/first served basis. Once you claim a prize, we'll confirm with a reply, cross it off the list, and you can go donate!

After donating to the cause, please email your receipt of the transaction to snarkyscorp@gmail.com for verification. Once you get a response from snarky, feel free to email the author/artist to work out details!

Fics and art should take no longer than 3 months to complete. However, if you make arrangements outside these terms, that's up to you and the participant to decide.

As an example, a weekly post might look like this:

snarkyscorp: 5 fics, 500 words, $3 per fic, NC-17 OK
snarkyscorp: 2 fics, 1000 words, $8 per fic, NC-17 OK
snarkyscorp: 1 fic, 5000 words, $15, NC-17 OK
nolagal: 3 fics, 500 words, $3 per fic, NC-17 OK
nolagal: 1 fic, 1000 words, $8, NC-17 OK
abusing_sarcasm: 10 fics, 100 words, $1 per fic, R OK
_aurora_sky_: 1 art, sketch, $20, R OK
_aurora_sky_: 1 knit scarf, $15

As you can see, once fics or artwork have been claimed, we'll cross them out. Once they have all been claimed, we'll close the post for comments and start recruiting for the next giveaway.

If fic or artwork aren't claimed, it will automatically go into the next giveaway unless an author or artist states they don't want to do this.

To see what kind of work the author or artist is willing to provide, just click on the cut tag in each Offer Post that says "Information About Participant". So if a contributor says they won't write slash or incest, don't ask them for James/Albus. ;P

Prices for fics are as follows unless otherwise stated:

100 words = $1 per fic
500 words = $3 per fic
750 words = $5 per fic
1000 words = $8 per fic
3500 words = $10 per fic
5000 words = $15 per fic
10000 words = $25 per fic

**Please note that you can ALWAYS donate more than the minimum donation. So if you want a $5 fic, you can still donate $10 if you'd like.


Use whatever means necessary to pimp and promote this community!! The more support, the better. _aurora_sky_ was kind enough to donate a ton of art for some banners, so feel free to copy/paste the HTML below when linking to the community to use her art:

For Authors:

For Artists:

For Those Who've Donated!:




Please see our FAQs posts here and here.

Feel free to message any of the mods or email snarkyscorp@gmail.com and Snarky will get back to as soon as possible :D!