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National Protest Against Prop 8

Here's your chance! Join in as thousands across the nation march on their city halls to protest the ridiculous, unfair passage of prop 8 in California!Collapse )
I've gotten a few questions and there has been some confusion as nolagal and I get this community ready for launch, so I thought I'd address these today. Please remember to spread the word and if you have any comments, suggestions, etc, let us know!!

I want to provide fic/art/other for the cause! How do I do this??

Drop off an application here so we know what you're offering to write, draw, or give away and how long each thing will take you. We'll approve your application and you're set. Also, please friend the community so you know when we launch. That's literally all you need to worry about for now. As members start claiming your work, they'll contact you for their prize.

I want to donate money to claim fic/art/other! How do I do this??

1. Friend hpequality !
2. Wait for our launch.
3. Once we go live, we'll post a massive list of fics/artwork/other stuff being offered. Comment on that post and tell us what you're claiming.

That's it! Once we approve your claim, you go donate your set amount to the equal rights cause of your choice, email me a receipt, and you get your lovely fics/artwork/other stuff. I'll go over this again in the launch post.

When will hpequality go live?

We are scheduled for a tentative launch on Monday, November 17, 2008. This is assuming we have enough participants (both buyers and writers/artists). Spread the word!

I am so confused. :(!

No worries - contact myself or nolagal or email me at snarkyscorp@gmail.com with any questions, suggestions, etc. I promise I'm nice and will help you out ASAP. :D
Call for participants!
Hpequality is a community dedicated to raising money and awareness for issues involving equality. Currently, money raised will be going to fight California’s Prop 8 but additional issues may be added.   The community will be a gift for donation system with set levels of "donation" for each gift.  Please see our user_info for more information including organizations accepting donations.

Additionally, we will have monthly Community Fics where donors can vote on authors, pairings and prompts. 
This should be lots of fun and we are open to suggestions!  Comments and Questions can go to snarkyscorp  or nolagal 

Authors, Artists, and anything else you have to offer!

This is the sign-up sheet to participate. You may offer as much or as little as you like. Please ensure that you will be able to deliver what you offer within a reasonable time (3 months). A set amount will be assigned for fics, anything else you will need to assign a monetary value. There will not be a bidding system, strictly donation only.

To making an offering: Comment below and fill out the form. Once your offering is purchased, the details will be worked out between you and the donor. If your gift is not claimed during a week, it will roll-over. If at any time you need to withdraw a gift, contact snarkyscorp

To Claim a prize: Twice weekly, a post will go out announcing the participants and offerings. A list of organizations to donate will be posted and donations will be made directly to those organizations then donors will contact snarkyscorp to claim their prize.

Please follow the form below for participation:

Quantity Item Time needed to complete (max time 3mos)
*10 100 word drabbles 2 weeks
*5 500 word drabbles 2 weeks
*5 1000 word fics 2 weeks
*1 5000 word fic 1 month
*1 Mosiac Mirror 10” by 10” in choice of HP house colors- $25 2 months

Kinks/clichés/things/pairings you’ll gladly write/draw: All pairings, prefer next-gen, cross-gen slash but will do my best on any pairing.
Squicks/clichés/things/pairings you won’t touch with a ten foot pole: Heavy BDSM, Scat, waterplay, chan (under 15), non-con (dub-con fine), blood play, bestiality
Highest rating you will write/draw:(you must be 18 to write/draw R or NC-17) NC-17
Other important information about your offering: I can email pictures of similar mirrors.

Thanks so much for your participation.  Please PIMP this community everywhere you can!!

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